They say all roads lead home…

It’s true. And, this is an invitation to take the road home that is less traveled, a road of authentic pleasure, ease and love.

That doesn’t mean it will always be easy, but it can be easier!

On this journey, I will be a guide and a friend that clears the way for you to move from a life of high performance, exhaustion and disconnection to a life lived from peak existence. In this life you generate unlimited abundance, pleasure, freedom, connection, and love

You are free to be the delicious expression that is YOU!

Is this journey right for you?

The way that I work is in a mentorship fashion. This is not a program with a set number of steps to follow. It is not a linear path from point A to point B. It is an organic flow where we work together to lead you back to your most authentic, fully expressed, connected, and highly pleasured version of yourself.

The mentorship is a team effort. You will get plenty of 1:1 time with me and I will lead a team of other hand selected experts, coaches and guides that go beyond my level and skillset in certain areas. It takes a village.

My clients are people who have achieved great things in this lifetime. They are influencers, celebrities, people who live in the spotlight, high achieving athletes, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and innovators who know that the work that we do together will help create a more peaceful, harmonious and healthy world.

Together we make a big impact!!!

This experience is about awakening.

Sexual awakening is one aspect of this mentorship. We will use the principles of Tantra to discover something so profound it will shift how you look at life, love and sexuality. Through this experience my deepest prayer is that you get a glimpse of yourself and that you feel such love for the unique expression that you are. Eventually that love and that enlightened moment becomes abiding.

And, from that place of self-love and awakedness, you realize that all there is left to do is to serve. That you can serve from a place of full resource, pleasure and unconditional love.

Mentorships with me are a commitment.

There is a time commitment for sure. And I will say that instead of meditating on a mountain for the next 40 years, contemplating a Zen koan… I have compiled the fastest, efficient and most effective ways of attaining your goals… because who has time to meditate in a cave for 40 years (no offense to any Master cave dwellers, deep bow)? I certainly didn’t. This is a path for those of us who want it all and who are seeking a way that doesn’t denounce our lives.

There is also a significant financial investment. There is only one me. And while I have worked tirelessly on the art of bi-location and duplication – I haven’t quite mastered that one yet! I usually have a wait list of people who want to work with me and my team in a mentorship fashion. Some people have waited up to five years before a spot has opened for them (and for themselves to be truly ready for the depth of this process).

Each mentorship’s investment automatically sponsors 1-2 other people who could not afford to work with a mentor at this level. These sponsorships are truly life changing for each individual or couple who works with me. They have ranged from impoverished single moms, to marginalized LGTBQ+ individuals whose families have disowned them, to those in addiction recovery, to BIPOC sexual abuse/trafficking survivors. It’s truly touching to see the transformations and how these sponsored people go on to change lives. They move from sinking ships to rising tides that lift up everyone around them.

This investment also goes to help several organizations of which I am the founder of or on the advisory board. These range from being an advisor for world leaders and major corporations, working towards solving the mental health and addiction crisis on the planet, to supporting artists and creative endeavors that share a positive message for humanity.

By participating in a mentorship with me, we truly are working together to make the world a better place. We are making an impact from the moment you say yes!

I’m going to be upfront with you.
I’m not about to waste your precious time.

Working with me is not for you if…


You aren’t ready for the depth of impact this program will make on your life


You are not willing to make a commitment to yourself, your relationships and the world at large.


You just want a few sex techniques to make your sex life better.


You don’t have the time or money (mentorships start at $75k and go up to $1Million) to invest in this.


You don’t want to make a big impact or help the world


You are unwilling to take a leap into transformation; sexually, in your relationships, consciously and with yourself.

If you are feeling that you aren’t quite ready for a full on mentorship with me, you may want to check out my book Your Blueprint For Pleasure, or our Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course.

Still with me?


Ready To Get Started? Here are your next steps…

If you didn’t read above. Please scroll back up and read it. If you’ve already read it, maybe read it again.

Make sure you are ready for this.

This mentorship is right for you if…


You are ready for a transformation that brings you home to your Self, and you want that transformation to lead to pleasure, freedom and deeper connections.


You are excited about and understand that the impact we have when working together will help people at the individual level and the world at large


You feel that you’ve checked all the boxes in life, but there’s that one final frontier you are still seeking- maybe it’s sexuality and relationship, or maybe it’s a true abiding awakening


You want to influence those around you and contribute to something big on this planet


You know that this is going to take a commitment of time and finances (between $75K and $1Million) and you are ready to make that investment


You are down to play big, to have sexual adventures, to understand the truth about sex, pleasure and love and you want to do it consciously


You’ve always been curious about Tantric Sex and you’re wanting to dive into “what’s more” when it comes to your sexuality


You understand that you will be working with me personally as well as with my hand selected team


You love immersive, “hands-on” experiences in a retreat style setting where all your needs are cared for. And you are willing to travel for these experiences

If this feels like it’s in alignment, your next step is to fill out an application. I personally read these applications and then will reach out to you about scheduling a call together. Sometimes this will be a few months out due to our schedules.

On this call we will discuss your goals, brainstorm some ways to attain those goals, look at what might be holding you back, and make sure it’s a good fit for us to take this journey together.

You will have my commitment to you on this road to pleasure and freedom. I’m truly devoted to my work and my service in this world. I’m here to make a huge impact, with you which I know will impact so many other lives. It’s why I’ve chosen to work with people like you.

To say I’m thrilled each time I start a new mentorship is an understatement. I’m a very excitable and unique expression and I jump with joy and feel deeply honored every time I get the opportunity to work with someone like you.


Congratulations! You are wonderful.